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Custom Made Compression Garments

Custom made compression garments are a great option for people that do no fit into the traditional sizing and styles that are offered as ready made products. With each person, comes specific needs that need to be addressed individually. Depending on the reason for needing compression garments, a certain material may be needed that is only available as a custom or a person needs a specific option for optimal donning. These things can be discussed at our store with our certified fitters.

Custom Made Options

"Custom made" really means custom made. Each custom garment is measured for each individual person to that one person. Whether measuring every 1 1/2" or at specific landmarks on a person, a garment is cut, sewn, and made from scratch to fit the customer. Every custom garment has specific options that are added to it give a proper fit and/or easier way to don the product.

Options -

Flat knit material - Usually for lymphedema or a severe swelling
Circular knit - Normal ready made material, just need a better fit
Cut and sew - For vascular and burn material garments
Silicone top bands - Keep garments from rolling down legs
Zippers - Zips down from top of garment to ankle. Makes putting it on easier
Custom glove - Proper fit for hand and fingers. Circumference and finger lengths fit exactly what's needed.
Burn garments - Custom fit for any part of the body. Can also be fitted with silicone fabric sheets
Colors - There are a whole rainbow of colors and patterns to choose from

These options are just the beginning of what could be ordered in a custom garment. Call our store at 214-692-8893 to talk with a fitter to have these and many more questions answered. Since custom made garments are measured exactly for your size, we do recommend an appointment to come to our store to be measured in person.