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Close To You | Special Needs by Gloria

      At Close to You and Special Needs by Gloria, our employees focus on providing our patients with products that will make a difference in their everyday lives. We are working to provide the best possible therapeutic outcome! We are dedicated to understand the special needs of our patients in a nurturing atmosphere that emphasizes privacy, confidentiality, and trust. Our company has been supporting the medical community for 29 years!


11661 Preston Road # 154, Dallas, Texas 75230

P: (214) 692 8893
F: (214) 692 8945

We carry ALL of the major brands for:


Sigvaris 412 Performance Socks Sigvaris 780 Eversheer Thigh Hi Loving Comfort Maternity Support Belt
Sigvaris Performance Calf Sleeves Sigvaris 220 Sea Island Cotton for Men and Women Sigvaris 240 All-Season Merino Wool for Men and Women