From Susan's Desk, CEO Close to you Inc.

It's a God Thing!!

     I heard it time and time again that we all have a destiny, a place where we are suppose to be. I never really bought into that thought process until now. My path took a sharp turn in a different direction. I was living in a different state with my children in a completely different industry when I found out my father had a terminal cancer diagnosis.

      I was desperate to get back and help my family. My neighbor was a family member of the previous owner of "Close to You" and she mentioned that she was going to retire. I looked into the store and from that day forward doors opened like a water fall. I was given help, guidance and strength by people in banks, accounting firms, and law firms. It all happened so quickly and seamlessly that I knew this was where I am supposed to be.

     The great pleasure and peace of mind we receive when we make someone feel better with a smile and the products we offer is amazing.